Rolls, Baps & Burger Buns

CodeProductUnit size
FS1042White baps70g
FS1043Brown baps70g
FS1044Granary baps70g
FS1045Multiseed bap70g
FS1046Brioche burger buns45g
FS1047Brioche burger buns90g
FS1048White sub rolls65g
FS1049Brown sub rolls65g
FS1050Granary sub rolls65g
FS1051Multiseed sub rolls65g
FS1052White sub rolls100g 
There are 48 baps per case and 56 cases per pallet.
There are 62 units of our 45g buns and 35 units of our 90g buns per case with 48 cases per pallet.
There are 36 sub rolls per case with 56 cases per pallet for our 65g rolls and 25 cases per pallet for our 100g rolls.
Toppings are available for all baps and sub rolls. Options include: flour dusting, bran, oats and seeds.

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