Spiegel Recipes


  • bagel-sesame-big

    “Lightly toast your Sesame Spiegel, spread with Cream Cheese, top with roasted Bell Pepper & fresh Basil leaves.”

  • bagel-poppy-bi
    Chicken Cesar

    Spiegels Poppy seed toasted, buttered, kos lettuce, sliced chicken, plenty of Caesar dressing & Parmesan shavings.”
    (it’s a tea time special)

  • The Original

    “Lightly toast a Whole Wheat Spiegel, spread with loads of Cream Cheese, several slices of Smoked Salmon and thin slices of Red Onion and a pinch of Black Pepper to finish off.”

  • bagel-plain-big
    Good ol’ B.L.T

    “Get a plain Spiegel, toast it, lash on the Mayo & top with crispy Bacon, Lettuce & thick slices of Tomato – Yum”

  • bagel-plain-big
    Spiegel Burger

    “Lightly toast a plain Spiegel, grill a Burger to your taste, top with Ketchup and Cheese!”

  • bagel-onion-big
    The Bruschetta

    “Toast lightly your Multi-seed & Onion Spiegel, spread with Garlic Butter, top with plenty of chopped Tomato, fresh Basil and Salt & Pepper”

  • bagel-plain-big
    The Caprese

    “Plain or seeded Spiegel lightly toasted, brushed with Olive Oil and topped with thick sliced Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil & drizzled with reduced Balsamic vinegar.”
    So light and Tasty!

  • bagel-poppy-bi
    On your Goat!

    “Poppy seed Spiegel, toasted, spreadable Goats Cheese, Red Onion Marmalade & Rocket leaves”

  • bagel-multi-big
    Irish Breakfast

    “Your choice of Spiegel’s Bagel toasted, buttered, with Sausage, Rasher & fried Egg and a good squeeze of Ketchup”

  • bagel-minis-multi-big
    Spiegel Minis (Sooo Cute)

    Peanut Butter & Jam
    Sausages & Ketchup
    Tuna, Mayonaise & Cheese
    Chocolate Spread & Banana
    Cream Cheese & Strawberry Jam
    So good you’ll eat 2 or 3… or 4… :-)

  • bagel-cinnamon-big
    Drogheda Breakfast

    (Great for breakfast and keeps you going for hours!)
    “Lightly toast your Cinnamon & Raisin Spiegel, butter it and spread with mashed Banana & Honey (And a glass of milk) :-)


  • 05
    Skinny Dipping Platter
    1. Slice diagonally and toast lightly on both sides
    2. Serve with houmous dip and sliced peppers, celery and carrot sticks.
  • 02
    Ham & Cheese Skinny’s
    1. Fill you Plain Skinny with ham, cheese, tomatoes and rocket leaves.
  • 03
    Tuna, Sweet corn and Mayo Skinny
    1. Mix the Tuna, Sweet corn and Mayonnaise together and load into the Skinny
    2. Add rocket/salad leaves to finish
  • 06
    Skinny Bruschetta
    1. Place both halves of the Skinny on to a griddle pan or under the grill to lightly toast
    2. Rub with garlic and drizzle with olive oil
    3. Top with skinned and diced tomatoes.
    4. Add a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese to taste
  • 07
    Skinny Garlic Bread
    1. Place both halves of the Skinny under the grill and lightly toast
    2. Spread garlic butter and serve.
    3. For an alternative, top with grated cheese and place back under the grill until melted
  • 09
    Toasted Skinny Sandwich
    1. Add all your favourite fillings and place under the grill or in a toasted sandwich maker
  • 01
    Chicken Salad Skinny’s
    1. Fill your Wholemeal Skinny with cucumber, red onion, peppers, grilled chicken breast and a handful of fresh rocket leaves!!